D&AD, Working with Mystic Magic

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These are my final images i shot recently for the D&AD student competition with the brief being set by Dazed & Confused. The brief was Contemporary youth and I managed to collaborate with a head piece designer from a company called Mystic Magic. I did an interview with Ashley the owner which is fairly interesting

Could you tell me how you got into designing headpieces- was it a progression from your studies at school or was it self taught?
Every since being young I’ve always been very creative and have self taught myself to do everything even up till now without any training from professionals. When I moved up to high school I really started to think into what I wanted to do for a living and as I love to be unique and different, didn’t want to end up working in a boring high street shop. I knew from the start I wanted to do something in fashion that had meaning to it. It wasn’t long after an inspiring day out around London that I had finally decided to have a go at making my first mask and headpiece.

How did you go about starting Mystic Magic and how old is the business now?

Mystic Magic was originally created back in 2004 when I was creating magic and spiritual craft pieces such as traditional indian dream catchers as a hobby and then selling them at local craft fairs, one of which that proved very successful for me was the fairyland trust.  Over the years the business has gone through changes of transformation as I have progressed in different areas of creative craft making including puppet making too. It wasn’t until 3 years ago when I made my final decision to go into making designer couture masks and headwear. Depending on where this will all lead me, I may stay with what I’m doing now or I might aim higher to dip into artistic costume/clothing making.

What prompted you to start a business?

Along with always wanting to be and do something completely different from the average boring work job that so many of my family generations have always done, I wanted to make an everlasting difference that would be remembered. As well as this I also suffered from the nasty effects of bullying at high school that left me practically broken with low self-esteem and very little confidence left. I felt like I would never be able to hold an ordinary job down and that the only solution to over come everything was to build my own independent business were I am my own boss.

How do you go about promoting your business? Is social media an important part of your advertising?

Yep social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and blogger is a huge part in advertising my business along with news paper and magazine publicity features, photo shoots and word of mouth. I also rely on going to fairs and shows to help spread the word, gain contacts and most of all to show everyone what can I do.

where do you get your influences for your pieces?

I believe inspiration can come from anywhere, whether your looking through various fashion magazines, artistic photography, or just walking down a colourful lit up high street with creative shop window displays. I even get inspired when looking at the beauty of the world while gazing out of a car window or when walking in an enchanted forest. When the mind is open up to possibilities the ideas are endless…

Do you have any plans to expand the business any time soon? I’ve noticed the profile of the business is getting bigger recently, is this part of a plan for the future?

Probably like most businesses I’m always looking to expand and are open to different suggestions, but no matter where life leads me my end dream goal will always stay the same, to become an establish couture fashion house surrounded in magical mystery that produces jaw dropping artistic statement pieces that hopefully would influence and aspire people worldwide. I’m a great believer in destiny and trust that it shall lead me to where I ‘m meant to go.

I’ve always been told no matter who you are and what talents you may have, we’ve all been put in this world with the potential purpose to make it a better place by doing what you love and know best.

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