Stavronikita Project


As the title suggests this is a series of photos from the Stavronikita Project, a work on and around the wreck of SS Stavronikita (literally). It’s a project where they’ve taken pictures of the wreck imposed decedent mid century characters over the top and then they’ve actually put the prints on the wreck for people to go and see, The images they’ve created are really quite cool but I just don’t get why they’ve gone and actually put the prints on the wreck, it’s a cool idea but it just seems a waste of money and time, I mean how many people are actually going to see it… it may be beyond the point but I think it’s just abit ridiculous, however the images are really good!

If you want to check out more check out their Behance

Below are photos of the ‘Exhibiton’ itself5f6f97057085fb9bb3d50b5e0cc79d581b473bc8f08d2c65ec9e91a5856ea8a2


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