Karen Elson for Harpers Bazaar By Alexi Lubomirski

La Vie En Rose – British model and singer Karen Elson embodies the spirit of spring in Harper’s Bazaar UK’s May cover story. The redhead poses for against a backdrop of flower petals for Alexi Lubomirski in feminine spring fashions. ImageImageImageImageMy website is now up and running www.henry-j.co.uk and this blog will be slowly moving over to that domain aswell, I’m working at trying to incorporate all the content from here! But please check it out and if you follow my blog here make sure to follow my blog on the website or RSS feed because eventually i will stop posting here


Vibrant, Repetitious Hotel Facades Photographed on an Italian Beach

This series of really quite beatufiul images were shot by Italian born, New York-based photographer Luigi Bonaventura, his intention is to show each structure as its Platonic ideal—as the architect imagined it. The repetitive forms and pops of color combine to create a graphic, eye-pleasing series.Luigi_Bonaventura_3 Luigi_Bonaventura_5 Luigi_Bonaventura_6 Luigi_Bonaventura_8 Luigi_Bonaventura_9 Luigi_Bonaventura_10

My website is now up and running www.henry-j.co.uk and this blog will be slowly moving over to that domain aswell, I’m working at trying to incorporate all the content from here! But please check it out and if you follow my blog here make sure to follow my blog on the website or RSS feed because eventually i will stop posting here

We Are Variable

I found this production company recently through photographer JoeyL who works with them quite alot, There films are incredible though! I really love the way they light things, such a cinematic style and the subjects they chose have really interesting stories, Definitely check these guys out!

I particulary love this video entitled Holi

I’m also happy to announce I’m in the process of building my website and so this blog will be moving to a new home soon (once i can work out how to migrate all this content)

Half Human, Half Animal

yagopartalzooportraits1 yagopartalzooportraits2 yagopartalzooportraits6 yagopartalzooportraits8 yagopartalzooportraits9

A really humurous series of photos by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal, I really really love this series of images I wish I was skilled enough to create images like these. They all make me really happy every time I look at them, especially the sloth

For more images and the source i found them from CLICK HERE

4K Video At 1,000 Frames Per Second Will Melt Your Eyes

This is simple incredible in terms of video I don’t think I’ve seen something so mesmerizing or impressive that isn’t CGI and I’m not even viewing it in the full 4k definition, so imagine that I honestly think it just might melt your eyes

Text from Gizmodo

It’s an unwritten rule that everything is better in slow-motion. But there’s a good chance your eyes aren’t ready for the next level of awesomeness from Phantom’s new Flex4K camera that can capture an astounding 1,000 frames per second at a resolution of 4096 x 2160. In other words? Every last detail captured in super, super, super slow-motion.

In fact the Flex4K can capture footage at anywhere from 23.98 fps up to 1,000 fps, but no one’s going to be using it to shoot a talking head drama. This camera’s destined for a life of filming explosions, crashes, and other split-second events that deserve a more detailed look. A Super-35 CMOS sensor inside facilitates over 12 stops of dynamic range, and if you dial the camera back to a still impressive 2K resolution you can further double the frame rate to 2,000 fps. No wonder it will start at $109,900, with options pushing it as high as $164,900.

Beyonce Bans Professional Photographers

After Unflattering Viral Photos, Beyonce Now Banning Pro Photographers beyoncebanning

How do you solve the problem of professional concert photographers snapping unflattering photos of you during your live shows? One way is to ban them completely, and that’s exactly what Beyonce is doing with her latest concert tour. Policies like hers may be growing in popularity among artists who want to control their image, but the policy is still causing quite a hoopla.

The whole thing started earlier this year at the Super Bowl, where Beyonce was the highlight of the halftime show. After the performance, a number of unflattering photographs snapped during the show were distributed through news wires.

Those photographs were quickly picked up by pranksters around the web and turned into a viral photo meme in which Beyonce is featured as a “She Hulk”:

After Unflattering Viral Photos, Beyonce Now Banning Pro Photographers beyonceviral1

Beyonce’s publicist, a woman named Yvette Noel-Schure, began sending out takedown notices to websites sharing the viral photographs. This only added fuel to the flames (AKA the Streisand Effect), causing the photographs to go even more viral.

After this incident, it appears that Beyonce (and her publicist) has had enough. The singer is now strictly controlling how photographs are captured during her new concert tour, “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,” which will run through Europe and the Americas.

No, it’s not a “rights grab” like other artists have tried to do (in which photographers’ copyrights are signed over to the musicians after the show), but rather a complete ban on professional photographers.

The Facebook page Music Photographers got its hands on a copy of the contract being distributed, and shared this screenshot:

After Unflattering Viral Photos, Beyonce Now Banning Pro Photographers beyonceban

There are no photo credentials for this show. Local news outlets, including print and online will be given a link to download photos from every show. They will need to register to access the photos.

Pay a visit to the Photoshelter gallery linked in the agreement, and you’ll find a small gallery of pre-approved photographs.

After Unflattering Viral Photos, Beyonce Now Banning Pro Photographers beyoncephotoshelter


La vie en rose

A stunning editorial, I think I may have reblogged from institute before but if you have not looked at there website, do because its filled with some great stuff!


La Vie en Rose 1La vie en rose2La vie en rose3La vie en rose4La vie en rose5La vie en rose6La vie en rose7

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This is a video promoting a website called Code.org I’ve always wished I could code because I’ve always been interested in computing and technology and I’ve had a go every now and then but it’s never really stuck with me or has there been a platform that I can learn from that’s suitable for me. So maybe Code.org is the educational model I’ve been looking for. Whether your into learning or not the video is incredibly interesting especially if you don’t know much about the coding/computing industry I guarantee you’ll be surprised!


I like to post something about humerous every now and then (plus I love cats)

From Russia With Love – Tatler

Filippo del Vita Filippo del Vita2 Filippo del Vita3 Filippo del Vita4

An Editorial Shoot by Filippo del Vita (Effelle Photography) for Tatler, Entitled “From Russia With Love” The model (Varvara Shutova) and lighting in this series is really nice!

For the Photographers website CLICK HERE

A very Private Affair

javiervallhonrat javiervallhonrat2 javiervallhonrat3 javiervallhonrat4

A fairly old editorial from 2009 but I only just found it recently. Its by Javier Vallhonrat, I really like the atmosphere and lighting within the images! The model is Malgosia Bela

Check out Javiers Website (and some more images from the editorial) HERE



Take My Picture – Street Bloggers

A really interesting mini documentary on the world of street bloggers and the way its changed over the years

Fabio Bartelt

caroline-trent01 caroline-trent02 caroline-trent03 caroline-trent04 caroline-trent05

A really quite nice editorial by Fabio Bartelt, I really like how he uses the streets and props around in this shoot!

Michael Filonow

michaelfilonow michaelfilonow2 michaelfilonow3

A pretty cool set of pictures I found recently by Michael Filonow I think this is one of his best shoots im not a massive fan of the rest of his work but i love the use of location and traditional stlying

Girl leads Boyfriend around the world

lead 2 lead3

This is just a few images from a pretty cool set of images I came across recently. Apparently the series started when the girlfriend got bored of her boyfriend taking photos all the time so proceeded to drag him along, as you can see this didnt stop him and so the series was born! its a pretty good idea and really quite cute…

Click to see more of the images

TED : Ads worth spreading

TED, which ive posted about a few times now is an incredible website eveyone no matter what your into should check it out but recently they announced the winners of their 2013 Ads worth spreading competition  The 2 above are very well known adverts but they are really cool, defiantly check out the rest of the other 10 adverts though because these are as they say ‘worth Spreading’ CHECK THEM OUT

D&AD, Working with Mystic Magic

D&AD_Dazed&Confused_Final4 D&AD_Dazed&Confused_Final2 D&AD_Dazed&Confused_Final1

These are my final images i shot recently for the D&AD student competition with the brief being set by Dazed & Confused. The brief was Contemporary youth and I managed to collaborate with a head piece designer from a company called Mystic Magic. I did an interview with Ashley the owner which is fairly interesting

Could you tell me how you got into designing headpieces- was it a progression from your studies at school or was it self taught?
Every since being young I’ve always been very creative and have self taught myself to do everything even up till now without any training from professionals. When I moved up to high school I really started to think into what I wanted to do for a living and as I love to be unique and different, didn’t want to end up working in a boring high street shop. I knew from the start I wanted to do something in fashion that had meaning to it. It wasn’t long after an inspiring day out around London that I had finally decided to have a go at making my first mask and headpiece.

How did you go about starting Mystic Magic and how old is the business now?

Mystic Magic was originally created back in 2004 when I was creating magic and spiritual craft pieces such as traditional indian dream catchers as a hobby and then selling them at local craft fairs, one of which that proved very successful for me was the fairyland trust.  Over the years the business has gone through changes of transformation as I have progressed in different areas of creative craft making including puppet making too. It wasn’t until 3 years ago when I made my final decision to go into making designer couture masks and headwear. Depending on where this will all lead me, I may stay with what I’m doing now or I might aim higher to dip into artistic costume/clothing making.

What prompted you to start a business?

Along with always wanting to be and do something completely different from the average boring work job that so many of my family generations have always done, I wanted to make an everlasting difference that would be remembered. As well as this I also suffered from the nasty effects of bullying at high school that left me practically broken with low self-esteem and very little confidence left. I felt like I would never be able to hold an ordinary job down and that the only solution to over come everything was to build my own independent business were I am my own boss.

How do you go about promoting your business? Is social media an important part of your advertising?

Yep social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and blogger is a huge part in advertising my business along with news paper and magazine publicity features, photo shoots and word of mouth. I also rely on going to fairs and shows to help spread the word, gain contacts and most of all to show everyone what can I do.

where do you get your influences for your pieces?

I believe inspiration can come from anywhere, whether your looking through various fashion magazines, artistic photography, or just walking down a colourful lit up high street with creative shop window displays. I even get inspired when looking at the beauty of the world while gazing out of a car window or when walking in an enchanted forest. When the mind is open up to possibilities the ideas are endless…

Do you have any plans to expand the business any time soon? I’ve noticed the profile of the business is getting bigger recently, is this part of a plan for the future?

Probably like most businesses I’m always looking to expand and are open to different suggestions, but no matter where life leads me my end dream goal will always stay the same, to become an establish couture fashion house surrounded in magical mystery that produces jaw dropping artistic statement pieces that hopefully would influence and aspire people worldwide. I’m a great believer in destiny and trust that it shall lead me to where I ‘m meant to go.

I’ve always been told no matter who you are and what talents you may have, we’ve all been put in this world with the potential purpose to make it a better place by doing what you love and know best.

Calvin Klein Provocations

This campaign film is visually stunning… I have to say for a fashion house this is pretty incredible. I love the visual styling they’ve gone for in terms of lighting and a very contemporary aesthetic. The scenes that seem like they are more futuristic compared to the ones set in the motel and such are BEAutiful! I love the slow motion used and the lighting with the added effects of fire and such create a harrowingly modern beauty

Plus the sexual nature throughout makes the whole film very provocative! All in all im not very good at explaining why I like this visually I just think its beautiful. Well done Calvin Klein… Well done Fabien Baron